CD contains 140 real life photos and 270 pages of printable support material
CD: Spark thinking and learning

CD: Spark Thinking and Learning


  • early years and primary years
  • 140 Picture Magic photographs
  • 270 pages printable support material
  • ready made lesson ideas

Solves the educators challenge

  • offers multi level entry points
  • covers the essential learnings
  • engages both genders
  • applicable across the curriculum


CD Main Menu Screen

Easy navigation for use on a PC or interactive white board (shown)

Picture Magic CD main menu
CD: Main menu screen

CD Photopack Menu Screen

CD visual resources: photographs for learning
CD: Photo Pack menu screen

There are 104 real life dynamic photographs in this section (Thirteen groups of 8 photos). 

  • real life photographs to grab children interest
  • spark interesting conversation
  • invite wondering and curiosity
  • great suggestions for open ended questions
  • start inquiry learning journey

'Good Stuff' menu screen

Buckets of ideas

This is a favourite section!


Each bucket holds lots of images and wonderful ideas all ready to go. The 'I Wonder' 'What if' bucket has many exciting and fun open ended questions all ready to use with the children. A blank photo is also offered so that the children can create their own questions. Each bucket has a different focus and there is even a relaxation slideshow of images in the relaxation ocean bucket. 

Companion Booklet Menu Screen

Inquiry - Literacy - Wellbeing

Inquiry , Literacy and Wellbeing teacher booklets
Inquiry, Literacy and Wellbeing Teacher Booklets

The picture shows 3 of the teacher booklets but there are actually 13 as listed by topics shown. Of the thirteen, there are ten that have a science inquiry focus, two with a literacy focus and one focusing on wellbeing. These thirteen booklets accompany the thirteen sets of photographs shown on the photopack menu screen shown earlier. These are fully printable and are 18-20 pages each. Each booklet offers a whole unit of work and the accompanying photos can be used across the curriculum in many different ways. 

CD for Interactive Whiteboard or PC (not mac)

 Interactive whiteboard Resource:
interactive whiteboard

Plus More - Enough Material to last all Year

What others say

We are really enjoying using the resource and have it on our server.

There is so much on the CD that I am still discovering new things.

I will continue to let people know what a great program Picture Magic is.

 Anne Jolly - Digital learning Co-ordinator & Literacy Mentor


 The resource has such vast possibilities across age levels and curriculum

 Relief Teacher Reception to yr 9





At Kindy in Vietnam

I recently spent two weeks on a volunteer building project in northern Vietnam. The project involved rebuilding a kindergarten, which provided me with an amazing opportunity to spend lots of time interacting with children and staff in their temporary location at the building site. The children are shown here dancing and singing for me.

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Teacher Training College: VIETNAM

I recently had the opportunity to work with 3 English classes at the HaNam Teacher Training College in Phu Ly, Vietnam. What a fabulous bunch of young adults and what a FUN and rewarding experience!

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Kids question...How did you learn to talk?

Love hearing the interesting things kids say... Share their response in the comments (include age)


Heres a few  ...

4 yrs: In english

5 yrs: When I was first born I could talk. I could always talk good

9yrs: Well, um, I’m not sure. All I know is that one day I was sitting in the lounge and I said ‘dad’. It’s a hard word to say for a baby because they usually say ‘mum’.


Please share in the comments...


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Cocktail Party Launch

Last weekend, I attended the launch of the 'Australian Foundation for Fostering Learning in the Philippines ' (AFFLIP), in Adelaide, South Australia. Great night, Great cause! 300 wonderful people attended in support of improving educational opportunities for children in one of the poorest areas of the Philippines.






Picture Magic arrives in the Philippines!

So exciting to hear that the Picture Magic resources have arrived in the Philippines, avoiding a typhoon and arriving ahead of schedule. Watch this space to follow the story.

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